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Using 2D and 3D Ultrasound to Determine the Gender of a Baby in the Womb

Image taken at Goldenview Ultrasound
GoldenView Ultrasound 3D image of a boy

For over 3 decades now, ultrasound has allowed us a peek
into the womb to check on the viability of pregnancy and to tell us if we are
expecting a boy or a girl.   At GoldenView Ultrasound, clients often ask if gender determination is more accurate in 3d than with the traditional 2d Ultrasound.

To a trained sonographer, it is generally easier to get a
gender determination of a fetus in 2d rather than with 3d ultrasound because the element of body tissue is out of the way with 2d ultrasound.
Clients, however, may feel more confident with a gender image taken with
a 3d ultrasound because it makes sense to them with a 3 dimensional view.  Since the sonographers at GoldenView Ultrasound are trained to read
the 2d scan, they will check the gender in 2d first and may follow up with a 3D image provided that the baby is in an optimal position.

A female gender image in 2D may be  described as 3 echogenic
lines that define the labia, while a male gender shot resembles a “turtle” with
the roundness of the testes being visible as well as the tip of the penis.

Attached are great 2D gender shots of both a boy and a girl in
the womb.

2D Ultrasound baby female
2D ultrasound baby male

A view of the gender may be hindered by the position of the baby, the position of the legs and often the position of the umbilical cord.    In some cases, the umbilical cord hangs right between the legs making it impossible to see the gender of the baby.    Repositioning of the mother may get the baby to move in order to free up the

view.  Some babies also sit cross legged allowing an accurate view difficult to obtain.

GoldenView Ultrasound offers gender determination starting at 15 weeks.  The majority of expectant families will be able to find out if it is a boy or a girl at

this stage.  Some may have to come back for a repeat visit if the positioning of the baby is poor or there is cord in the way.  GoldenView Ultrasound offers a free redo
policy in the event we are unable to determine the gender of your baby.

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