Whether you are a new or expectant parent or even a seasoned parent, the Neighborhood Parents Network has a place for you to connect with other Moms ( or Dads) with similar interests,  childrens age groups,  similar lifestyles,  specific neighborhoods and more.

I personally discovered NPN over 5 years ago when I arrived in Chicago with my then, one year old daughter to open GoldenView Ultrasound.  We were from a more suburban community and the city of Chicago, although exciting, was a bit daunting when it came to making choices for my young daughter.

I happened to discover NPN on a banner sign in the Lakeview Neighborhood.  It was simply a web address listed across the banner that said  Northside Parents Network ( it is now Neighborhood Parents Network) .  The sign stuck out to me and was a welcome site.  I was overly joyed when I went to the website and found that it was immersed with information about schools, daycares and camps.  I quickly got on the message board and began making online connections ( NOTE:  This was before Social Media)  with other moms with similar questions about day care and nanny choices.    I then also learned about play groups in my area, as well as fun things to do with my child in the city.  I quickly joined the 60613 playgroup and my daughter and I quickly adapted to the city.  I found a nanny and later a great day care from the advice of others in the group.

Owning a 3d/4d Ultrasound facility, I am constantly asked questions from new moms about resources in the city and I am always happy to refer them to NPN and now they can even get started with the group before the birth of their first child.

More recently, I attended an amazing NPN Group get together for Moms in Biz, which brings together a group of mothers that are entrepreneurs.     As mothers we were able to share stories not only about our businesses but also about our children and families.    Many of us faced similar challenges trying to balance our business and our roles as mothers.     After speaking with many of the mothers, it was interesting to learn that their role as a mother was a driving force to push them into an entrepreneurial role to allow for flexibility that is not often part of the corporate world.  I can tell you that for me,  6 years later, after discovering NPN,  I had  again found a new group of women in the city with similar passions and concerns thanks to Neighborhood Parents Network.

GoldenView Ultrasound is now proud to be a supporting sponsor of the Expectant Parents Group at NPN.  Monthly meetings and special events are tailored to expectant parents.  You can find upcoming events on their website at http://www.npnparents.org/groups/expectant-parents-group

Neighborhood Parents Network is a non-profit organization located on the Northside of Chicago.  Visit their web site at www.npn.org   and follow them on twitter @npn  and on Fccebook at www.facebook.com/npn     Be sure to check out their calendar of events and lists of groups.  If you are a parent in Chicago, there is a place for you with NPN.