What are Babies doing in the Womb?

Do you ever wonder what your baby is up to in the womb?
We asked previous GoldenView Ultrasound clients from the Boston, Chicago, New York City and San Antonio 3d/4d Ultrasound locations to comments on our facebook page about what adorable things their baby did during their 3d/4d Ultrasound session with us. Read the amazing stories that our GoldenView familes shared with us.

Candi G : My baby was sucking her thumb and had hiccups that is now her nickname
Rosalie B. : She was licking the placenta and playing with the umbilical cord:)
Rachel H : My daughter wouldn’t turn around. Even after two bottles of orange juice and a walk she still wouldn’t move. Finally she did turn around she was sucking her fingers, toes and umbilical cord. She pouted and smiled. We had a great experience and fun time!
Stacey N : my little girl insisted on yawning for pretty much every ultrasound picture taken and was proper in having her hands up by her face as if she was covering her mouth/yawn.
Ashley W: She was sucking her thumb and cuddling with the placenta 🙂 like it was a blanket.
Kellie B: He raised his hand and moved it back and forth like he was waving at us! Then flipped to show us his back side lol
Erin C: My little guy was simply adorable! He held onto the umbilical cord and put his fist up to his forehead T bow style!
Natalie D: Our little Jaden smiled 🙂
Velinda S: Our little one was sucking on her umbilical cord
Glenna M.: Aw, mine was so funny, we all had a chuckle… He had little “horns” above his head… Even got it in a picture… Anyone considering this SHOULD! It was the closest thing to being with my little man until he ca me last July. I still show off mu heartbeat teddy bear, pictures and video. 🙂
Tia-Marie L.: My stubborn little one was breech every time we tried to see her with her feet and umbilical cord in her face so we had to wait until the big day to see that BUT the wonderful ultrasound tech told us to try playing music and what do you know?! Our cutie started DANCING! It was the funniest thing ever! She is 3 weeks old now and LOVES wiggling her little bum around 🙂 I can’t wait until she’s older to show her the video!
Rita P: She showed everyone that she was #1 in her ultrasound!
Jaclyn G.: Ours used his hand to cover his face, real shy like and he still does it to this day.
Catiria V.: My baby girl smiled a lot n yawn, didnt move much she was a lazy girl!
Judi N: He was being REALLY shy which is strange, and he was moving his legs like he was riding a bike, Lets just say hes still a squirmier
Alison A.: Our little girl was playing with and sucking on the cord!
Alicia P: My little girl was stubborn and had her face covered with her arm, we almost gave up and then she moved her arm enough to show us her open eye……..like im watching you!!!
Margaret D: My son was sucking on the cord, sticking his fingers up his nose, and he opened his eyes for a second. He did not disappoint. I hope my daughter gives us a big show too.
Kelly C.: Our little boy stuck his thumb in his mouth and sucked on it and used the other hand to snuggle his cord by his head like a lovey!
Nicole Q. : My son was sucking on his hand and then brought up his foot and sucked on his toe! It was so cute. I recommend this to anyone who wants a sneak peek at their baby. I was also able to see him yawn and stretch. It was all caught on video and cannot wait to show him someday!
Denise G: My baby was chewing her umbilical cord and when we gently pushed it away she got mad and started hugging my placenta..lol
Maritza R: My Princess Gianna was blowing bubbles during our ultrasound session
Stacey J.: my little girl insisted on yawning for pretty much every ultrasound picture taken and was proper in having her hands up by her face as if she was covering her mouth/yawn.
James M.: it took us two weeks just to see her she wouldnt move her arms the second time the first time she would not roll over at all shes stubborn just like her momma : )
Ashley N.: I was seen in Boston 2/23 and my little one was licking everything including placenta! sooo cute!!….I will be going back tomorrow to see the progress of his growth before my due date!
One very common activity is sucking in the womb, whether its fingers, toes, cord or placenta. Check out this 4D video clip taken at GoldenView Ultrasound of a baby sucking on thier toes during their ultrasound session. Enjoy

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