GoldenView Ultrasound San Antonio Distributing The Baby Box to Promote Sleep Safety


GoldenView Ultrasound San Antonio Distributing The Baby Box To Expectant Parents to Promote Sleep Safety

San Antonio, TX, April 13, 2017-  GoldenView Ultrasound has partnered with The Baby Box Company to help distribute Baby Boxes and education resources to expectant families in San Antonio in an effort to reduces SIDS rates.

GoldenView Ultrasound offers 3d/4d/HD Ultrasounds and Gender Determination Ultrasounds to expectant mothers.  Since all GoldenView Ultrasound clients are pregnant, the partnership with The Baby Box company was a  perfect match. All clients receiving an ultrasound service at GoldenView Ultrasound San Antonio can receive a free Baby Box.

“Distributing The Baby Box along with access to educational materials about infant sleep safety, breastfeeding and other parenting resources, is a great way for us to give back to the community” according to Nikki Limburg, owner of GoldenView Ultrasound. “Our service happens during pregnancy but we build an emotional connection with our clients and want the best for them after they leave our facility and give birth to their babies. “

The Baby Box is a product from a company new in the United States, The Baby Box Company. The Baby Box was inspired by the use of boxes in Finland for over 70 years in an effort to reduce SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) Finland expectant mothers are issued the Boxes thru the State.  The box is lined with a mattress which serves as the infants first bed. The distribution of the boxes issued once an expectant mother has received prenatal care and parenting information from a healthcare professional is thought to have significantly reduced Finland infant mortality rate over the years.

The Boxes have “passed rigorous inspection on all materials from the ink on the exterior of the box to the use of the glue used in production are non-toxic and environmentally safe” according to The Box Box website. Likewise, they claim that the foam mattresses are firm foam pads which have been independently certified as non-toxic.

The Baby Box Company would like to make The Baby Boxes along with parenting resources thru Baby Box University available throughout the United States.  Since clients of GoldenView Ultrasound are expecting, the box is provided once they register at Baby Box University”. This partnership gets the Box and its educational resources in the hands of parents while they are still expecting which is a win, win.   “GoldenView Ultrasound hopes to distribute 200-300 boxes per month in our San Antonio location” says owner Nikki Limburg.  “The Box and its contents are valued at $70 and the educational resources available are invaluable.”

GoldenView Ultrasound offers 2D and 3d/4d/HDLive Prenatal Ultrasound services in San Antonio, in a warm and welcoming environment that allows family and friends share in celebrating pregnancy.  Expectant parents leave with photos and videos of their baby.  Early gender determination ultrasounds are also offered for families wanting to start preparing for their new arrival. With affordable services ranging between $39 and $189 GoldenView Ultrasound is able to service families on most any budget.

GoldenView Ultrasound is centrally located at 11825 IH 10 West, Suite 201 San Antonio TX 78230 in the Woodstone Oaks Business Park just north of the Huebner Oaks Shopping Center.

For more information about GoldenView Ultrasound San Antonio visit https://goldenviewultrasound.com/san-antonio-tx and call 888-915-2229 ext. 4 or 888-915-2229 ext. 5 en espanol to schedule an appointment or to ask questions about our services.

GoldenView Ultrasound was established in 2005 and has locations in San Antonio, Chicago, Boston and New York City.

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